Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday 8:23pm

Ahh Sunday how I love a good Sunday. Where I come from Sundays mean a family BBQ. Amazing food, a beautiful back yard to relax in, beer or wine and a few hours of not being on full mommy alert because you have the aunts and uncles to entertain your little one. There have been many a Sunday where that was my weeks saving grace. For me right now it also means seeing my baby niece she is just a couple weeks old starting to notice her surrounding. There is nothing in this world that gives me so much joy as family. Times like these are the times that matter truly matter.

I get why my parents had children and why we saw so much of our aunts and uncles growing up. I recall it being me and my cousins fighting, playing, I was one of the boys around my cousins because that is how our family worked. My grandpa and grandma had 6 kids by the time I came around I have cousins of cousins from cousins. Great aunts and many an Ex husbands… A family of women that’s how I saw us anyway.

Now my family Sundays are much smaller – typically they are in my moms backyard and she cooks while I try to bring something to help out. My big brother he is know for the best bacon wrapped jalapeño, then cheese smothered scrimp. Mmm when I was pregnant with monkey I could down a whole plate of them with no worries. Tonight I failed to bring a side. In my defense I did think many a time oh shit don’t forget to make dessert through out my day. Never the less I got my perfect Sunday afternoon all though I was missing my best friend towards the end family get together are always with her there.

The icing to my Sunday cake is my monkey fell asleep on the way home and now at 8:30pm I am already relaxing, with monkey the gift of going to bed before 9pm is rare. Sleeping in is just not an option. I can’t help but think looking at the puppy curled around my feet that days like today are the days you sip on and enjoy. This is what life is about.

I’m off to set up something’s on the site and read. I truly wish you had or have had a Sunday or any day like this.

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