Monday, August 11, 2008

Monkey’s Issues

I am on of the most laid back people you will ever meet. Not many things get me excited other then politics. I’m a huge hippy can’t help it I just am.
But my Monkey she is something else. At two years old the girl is already a neat freak. I love it come cleaning time when she gets a huge smile on her face and asks for something to wipe down, my house is dust free from 2 ft down :). But times like this morning I wonder if there is not more to her neatness, she had a hard night last night; up every couple of hours with bad dreams. This morning she has been in non stop cleaning mode. At this point she is pulling the magnets off of the fridge and cleaning them then lining them up in rows. She already picked up her toys and helped put away her folded laundry. Part of me worries that maybe this is some starting form of OCD but then part of me is glad that at two she has already found a way to center herself. If only I could do the same for myself. :)

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