Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy I cut my booty!! ohh and 23

Last night Monkey woke up about 12:45 screaming I have to poop I have to poop! I put her on the potty and waited...

And waited (have you ever waited for a two year old to poop at 12:45?)

Waited a little more and sure enough after a ton of trying nothing came out. So I put a diaper on her and said babe go back to bed, if you have to poopy go and we will change you in the morning.

This lovely morning about 6:00am I wake up to Mommy I crapped and cut my booty!!

My first thought was where did she learn the word crap? my second was ouch that had to hurt. Yet when I went to change her still nothing. poor girl has been on and off the potty all morning trying to go.

She has been walking around my sister in laws house all morning Momma I have to crap; momma my crappy hurts. I have been giving her plumb juice and saying I'm sorry baby this is why you must lay off the milk and cheese...

I sure do hope relief comes soon for the poor girl. she has a busy weekend.

Today is my 23rd birthday and me and Dylan are heading to the coast for a weekend trip. (We have never taken a vacation with just the two of us. Well we went camping once and made Monkey but that's a whole different story)

Monkey is going to her Yayas house (my mom) and has a dinner date tonight, my aunts 50th birthday Saturday and then a family dinner for my birthday.

I'm so excited yet feel bad about leaving her with the hurt booty and all ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Tag...

I am: Happy as ever
I know: My child will one day potty train
I want:To figure out a way to sdo daycare for a living
I have: Very little sanity
I hate: ignorance
I fear: Something happenong to my Monkey
I feel: Pulled in two directions, my two year old wanting to play play and my baby niece wanting to cuddle.
I hear: Jack Johnson
I smell: the sweet smell of babies head
I crave: sweeties and like 15 cups of tea a day?? not normal
I search: for free things to do in the city...
I wonder: if I'm ever going to have the guts to get knocked up!
I regret: I tgry my best not to live in my regerts.. far to many
I care: about my family duh!
I always: read books...
I am not: scared of the future
I believe: in not wasting energy on things that are out of your control.
I sing: twinkle twinlkle little star at leat 30 times a day.. & love it!
I fight: with my own emotions daily. I've been a bit crazy latly not knowing why
I write: to do lists foreverything!
I can usually be found: At home or the park.
I lose: Everything all the time! I just lost my purse for the third time this year!
I win: Because I have almost everything I ever wanted in life.
I wish: For another baby
I never: say never.
I forget: Everything after about a minute... I think its due to the car crash.
I am scared: Of someone hurting me or my baby girl so that I'm not with her in life.
I need: some tea
I am happy about: Working things out with Dylan
I tag: You...and you too! Oh, and you. I didn't forget about you!