Sunday, August 10, 2008

First blog – whoo hoo!

I had a blog a while ago 2 years to be exact I was going through some big life changes (first house, pregnancy, brand new to the super mom era) and did not want to forget them. My now ex would get jealous of the not so nice all be it true things I would say out of frustration about him. One night after a bad fight I deleted the blog, not because he told me to but because it was something that still bothered him. When you are fighting to save the American dream you give up things. That blog was MonkeyFacesBellaPlaces. This blog is Monkey&Mommy.

I plan to write about being a 22yr old single mother to a beautiful smart little two year old girl in our society. I will talk about balancing work and play, but never about balancing my check book. I will share my fears hopes dreams and goals for no reason other then I need any outlet.

A little back history ~ very little because it is late…

My ex moved out 3 weeks ago so I am still adjusting to being alone. Something I am enjoying more then I ever thought I would.

Two weeks ago I was laid off from work. I was the main provider for my family while my ex lived here. On average he worked 3 to 4 days a week, if that. I worked a 7-4 shift in a small car corporation I grew up in. Cleaned a couple houses on the weekends to make ends meat and pay off my house. The economy is shit now and I was a computer equipment order clerk, lets just say people are doing with out a lot these days. My position was one of the things that went away… ;P

I took this as an opportunity because well hell to many bad things have happened to us lately. I’m at home with my daughter as of now looking into going back to school problem is it’s a lot of money to spend not knowing what the hell you want to be. I am also applying to jobs dream jobs that I would love to have, I would like to work either with children or the elderly. But then again part of my soul really enjoyed the corporate world. Maybe someday I can find a good corporate man who can treat a lady as one. But that’s just wishful thinking, right now I have a little girl to worry about and most men run for that.

To be honest my dream is to be a mom not just any mom but the best mom I can be, that is what gets me up in the morning. Nothing has ever gone so completely right in my life then my little girl .

So please feel free to join me in my journey and slap me in the face with good advice along the way.

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