Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been busy real busy so says the doctor. He also said something along the lines of hey dumb ass slow down you are making a child. lol

Geez this last week was so full, full of fun and wonderful times with my family, full of memories of my grandfather, full of food and people loving on my belly.

Last Saturday almost all of my moms side of the family came down for a dedication in memory of my grandfather.

The day was beautiful, most importantly people remembered my grandfather for what he did best. Love and care for kids. That is who I think he really was. I know he was watching over us with pride on that day.

Getting everything ready for that day and then the day its self really took all of my energy, in fact I spent most of the next day out on the porch reading a book and soaking in the sun. While Dylan replaced the starter in my car which choose to take a dump on us Saturday night.

The next afternoon about 3 I noticed I was cramping a little and had loss some mucus, (sorry TMI) Called my mom who is normally my everything is ok chill out person. She told me to call the doctor. The nurse said go to the hospital now silly girl. Then later a doctor called and said he wanted to fit me in. (I go to a clinic and while a lot of people seem to think its a bad idea I have been going long enough that its like having 10 doctors who know you.)

The doctor confirmed that yep I was losing mucus but that is OK sense my water had not broke and the baby was in no stress. He also did this cool test that can tell if you have a chance of giving birth within the week. That came back negative also.

I was sent home freaked out by the fact that I am not superwoman and told to relax more and pace myself. I'm not the type to pace myself I do best under stress, so now in the spirit of pacing myself I plan on having everything ready for Bella's birthday this weekend.

She turns 3!! on the 1st of May that's next Friday. I can not believe how fast she is growing.

Dylan's brother is getting married Friday (to one of the most wonderful ladies I know, lucky lucky boy) the 1st so we are having a simple pizza party for Bella that Sunday. I'm going to help set up for the wedding Thursday and get the flower girls and myself ready the day of the wedding. So I don't want to have to do anything Saturday but relax for Sunday.

Hard to believe how fast life is going by for us. Its hard to believe soon we will have two little girls and be finished growing our little family. I don't know how my life turned out to be so blessed as god knows I probably don't deserve all of this. But I am thankful for every moment I have living this way.
Sorry the update is jumbled just wanted to catch up. :)

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