Monday, April 27, 2009

How did this happen

See that little ticker over to the side- it says I will have a baby in 60 (or so) days... WOW it blows my mind. I think we have a name: Aylah or you could spell it Aila or Ailah or Ayla. Its pronounced A-lah which is why I like the Aylah spelling when you put the I in there I think it makes it look more like a I-lah

I love that its short easy to say and seems to have some spunk yet class to it. Of course this one still doesn't feel right, I think maybe I just need to see the baby this time.

Friday is Bella's birthday she will be 3 I don't know why but that feels SO old to me! I think its because we have another baby coming so soon.

I have everything ready for her birthday party on Saturday (whoop) she is so excited. I really want to make sure to do a little something for her on Friday. Dylan's brother is getting married so maybe I will just get up early and make waffles or something. My mom is planning on taking Bella shopping after the wedding if its not too late. She is an awesome grandma - who wouldn't want to go shop for their own presents.

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