Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wow am I busy

So you would think for someone who stays home and watches kids all day I would update more. But umm I'm busy - you know finger painting, teaching ABCs, and a song in case you get lost. (It was my moms idea - its just mine and Dylans phone number.) In case Bella gets lost not so much me.

We found out we are having another little girl, while I really wanted a boy sense this is our last baby, I am so so happy to have a girl. This lil one is much much more active then Bella was in the belly. only problem is I have no IDEA what to name her.

Her middle name will be Sue.

As far as first names so far I like

Meilah (me-la)
Kaleiah (ka-le-ah)
kerti (key-r-t)

so far Dylan says (in order)
ehh I don't hate it
like it but isn't everyone named that (he is right)
Again like it but we want something a little less common
WTF no kylei - we are middle class white people we were not blessed enough to be islanders
Fuck no - Say that 5 times fast hon. I bet ya can't

Bella's name is actually
Aleina (A-lean-a) Bella

He liked the name hated the spelling but told me after I gave birth I could name her whatever I wanted and spell it as messed up as I wanted.

So if you happen to have any girly names let me know :)

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