Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TO~DO list

Hi, I do believe I am nesting, because I WANT to clean and do you know stuff to the house and places with in the house like you know organizing my cleaning products, because we all know that's a MUST do.

Clean out old Car ~ so we can maybe sale it???
Pull Weeds
Put down bark in front yard
Put stuff in shed - random stuff like the random tire in our yard.
Clean up dog Doo doo -
weed eat the yard, (our yard is small so we don't need a mower)
Plant some Grass Seed
Till up Garden and add more soil
Power wash house
PLANT VEGGIES (this is the best most fun thing in my life. I love my little garden!)
Plant herbs in front pots (I'm doing this rather then planting a bunch of flowers that will die.)
Plant Flowers in hanging pots.

Fix drains, they don't suck down the water like they used too??
Clean out bedroom closet. I feel like I do this ever 3 months...
Organize movies ~
Clean under couches and T.V. stand
Organize pot and pans (So Bella can pull them out and play with them)
Organize cleaning products under the sink
Wash down Walls
Clean Dog Kennel
Organize shelf above washer and dryer
Take old clothes to good will
Organize baby clothes by age (DONE)
Buy storage bins for baby clothes
Get Babies clothes ready (DONE)
Buy Crib and Crib Bedding (DONE)
Buy Car Seat
Buy High Chair
Take pictures of glider rocker, extra play pen, and extra baby swing to sale

All this while - keeping up on the house work, Playing with Bella (cause how can I not!), being a short order cook.

Ohh yea and name the baby. I'm back to Melah ~ I just wish I loved something, ANYTHING lol

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