Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Then vs Now

Every pregnancy is different I wanted to take a moment to share the differences.

With Bella I could tell you what month /week/ day/ fucking second I was into the pregnancy.
Last night my mom said so just a couple more months until she is here huh, and I said umm yea like 3 or something.

Bella never moved so it was a HUGE deal when she gave just a tiny squirm.
This lady never stops so while I do spend a little time each night laughing at her rolling around part of me wishes she would stop using my innards as a trampoline.

I had the pregnancy body women envy with Bella you couldn't tell from the back I had a baby on board. My tummy looked like I swallowed a little soccer ball. I was wearing my "normal" clothes the whole time.
This time my muffin tops are in over drive... and my ass is getting wide

Last time Dylan walked on egg shells about saying things that may hurt my feelings. (we were a fairly new couple)
This time he says funny ass things like hon do you think a one piece bathing suit will fit you? I mean with your big belly and all.

With Bella I couldn't wait to have her and bring her home.
This time while I am excited I know how hard it is once they get home.

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