Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Tag...

I am: Happy as ever
I know: My child will one day potty train
I want:To figure out a way to sdo daycare for a living
I have: Very little sanity
I hate: ignorance
I fear: Something happenong to my Monkey
I feel: Pulled in two directions, my two year old wanting to play play and my baby niece wanting to cuddle.
I hear: Jack Johnson
I smell: the sweet smell of babies head
I crave: sweeties and like 15 cups of tea a day?? not normal
I search: for free things to do in the city...
I wonder: if I'm ever going to have the guts to get knocked up!
I regret: I tgry my best not to live in my regerts.. far to many
I care: about my family duh!
I always: read books...
I am not: scared of the future
I believe: in not wasting energy on things that are out of your control.
I sing: twinkle twinlkle little star at leat 30 times a day.. & love it!
I fight: with my own emotions daily. I've been a bit crazy latly not knowing why
I write: to do lists foreverything!
I can usually be found: At home or the park.
I lose: Everything all the time! I just lost my purse for the third time this year!
I win: Because I have almost everything I ever wanted in life.
I wish: For another baby
I never: say never.
I forget: Everything after about a minute... I think its due to the car crash.
I am scared: Of someone hurting me or my baby girl so that I'm not with her in life.
I need: some tea
I am happy about: Working things out with Dylan
I tag: You...and you too! Oh, and you. I didn't forget about you!

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